Data channels

Leasing of dedicated communication channels is a reliable and high-speed data exchange between your offices and branches, which are located in different districts of Odessa.
MIRATEL offers the service of organizing dedicated point-to-point channels, which is able to provide reliable communication between client offices for transferring large amounts of data, or organizing corporate telephone and computer networks.

The provision of the use of communication channels is:
• connecting corporate networks to global data networks
• integration of data transmission networks of state institutions and departments and their connection with other networks of similar purpose
• creation of corporate telephone and computer networks
• connection of switching and routing equipment of networks of operators and providers
• last mile organization

MIRATEL digital channels are:

• high service reliability and use of modern technologies;
• uniform high quality at all network access points.
• guaranteed data exchange rate
• possibility to reserve services at all levels
• round-the-clock monitoring of all nodes
• highly qualified technical support in the “24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year” mode.

Our specialists perform a full range of works on the design, construction and operation of communication networks. This allows the organization of digital channels “turnkey” in a relatively short time and with high quality.
The use of advanced technologies for building digital transport networks ensures the highest reliability of the leased channels. The network topology and the technology used provide automatic channel switching to backup routes. Round-the-clock monitoring of all nodes is carried out. All these measures determine the reliability coefficient of the backbone network at a level of 99.9%.