SIP software for PC

To use the IP-telephony service, it is not necessary to purchase special devices, you must have a computer with Windows operating system and equipped with a duplex sound card. In the vast majority of modern computers, such a card is built-in. You also need headphones (or speakers) and a microphone.
If you have all of the above, it remains to download and install a special program on your computer.

We recommend the following free software options:

  • X-Pro; X-Lite
    Program for making calls via the Internet. Its main advantages are ease of setup, user-friendly interface, support for 3 independent channels for conducting telephone conversations.
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  • X-Lite;
    If you are interested in multi-channel communication with all its advantages, then X-Pro is the best choice. The program has great technical capabilities and flexible configuration. A lot of functions will help to customize the soft phone just for your requirements.
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  • X-Lite 3
    Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure program X-Lite 3 is equipped with a phone book; has the ability to keep records of incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls. A nice interface, the possibility of organizing a conference call and auto-conferencing, as well as automatic “lifting” the handset, will allow you to enjoy telephone communication in full. Moreover, with the help of this program you can see your interlocutor. Video Calling Guidelines Available здесь.
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You can use any other suitable software product. For all programs in the field, “Name”, you write the number “phone number”; in the “Password” field – the password issued by the Operator.